Opt Out of Interest-Based Advertising

You have not "opted out" and are receiving targeted ads from RevenueMantra.

RevenueMantra is committed to transparency and choice. This opt-out tool is developed for the express purpose of allowing consumers to "opt out" of the Interest-Based Advertising delivered by us.

Some of the ads you receive on Web pages are customised based on predictions about your interests generated from your visits over time and across different Web sites. This type of ad customisation — sometimes called “online behavioral” or “interest-based” advertising — is enabled through your computer browser and browser cookies. Such online advertising helps support the free content, products and services you get online. We try to make sure that ads we show are as relevant as possible without compromising on your privacy. We track your anonymous web browsing patterns in a cookie and use it avoid showing you the same ad repeatedly, to detect click fraud, and to show more relevant ads.

Using this page, you can opt out from receiving Interest-Based Advertising from us. When you opt out, RevenueMantra disables cookie tracking for you and no longer associates interest and demographic categories with your browser.

Opting out does not mean you will no longer receive online advertising. It does mean that the we will no longer deliver ads tailored to your web preferences and usage patterns.

If you have any questions, please contact us at contact@revenuemantra.com.