RevenueMantra’s platform consolidates a full data-driven advertising technology stack into a single, easy to use interface which integrates seamlessly into your existing processes and systems.

Data Management and Smart Segmentation

Collect audience data to better understand the consumer journey, both on and off site.

Go beyond standard analytics packages to find the intersection of product search & ad performance.

Create dynamic audience segments based on onsite activity, product searches and offsite ad engagement and more.


Inventory Maximization

Turn content and product recommendations to a sponsored listings section as a new revenue source to promote products, coupons, deals, and more.

Use on-site advertising inventory for sponsored recommendations, leveraging data to offer a more customized shopping experience.

Introduce new revenue streams by offering cost per click based ad programsto clients on and offsite.


Fine-tuned Performance Advertising

Activate new revenue channels and buffer the headwinds of seasonality by leveraging the “always-on” nature of CPC ad campaigns.

Experience the power of programmatic advertising by leveraging automated, optimized performance of our dynamic ad engine, updating offers in real time based on client products & user behavior.

Move beyond banners into native, recommendation and notification ad formats.


Dynamic Creative Optimization

Differentiate your users and customize the ad creative based on activity and data for a more personalized experience.

Use feeds of your data and predetermined rules to generate unique creatives on the fly.

Abstract away the complex and technical process involved in setting up a dynamic optimized creative.


Personalized Communication

Close the loop. Tie your marketing message to your audience segments or clusters defined on the data you have been gathering.

Get the users to come back and turn them into loyal customers by prompting them with the right message at the right time across channels and devices.

Offer cost per click based ad programs within notifications to add new revenue streams.